moving from Intel to a new Ryzen system

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moving from Intel to a new Ryzen system

I am building a new PC next week. That's the easy part.

The hard part will be transferring Windows, SW and my data to the new machine,
and getting all the licenses sorted out.  The old machine is an i7 8600, the new one is a Ryzen 7 5800X.

I read this thread: Shortcut to building a new system?: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review (

I am moving the data disks, but replacing the C drive (NVMe going from 512 GB to
1TB). My wife is getting the old machine with the 512 GB M.2 drive. I am going
from Intel to AMD, my wife is going from AMD to Intel, and her old machine is being

The two options I can think of are doing an image backup/restore of the C drive,
or doing a clean install.

Software includes Adobe creative cloud, DXO photolab, Nik tools, Luminar 4, Hugin,
GIS software, a couple of flight simulators, dozens of tools like Rode Central and Olympus SW, and some I seldom use like HandBreak.

The clean install gets rid of all the junk that isn't needed (but gets the new junk Microsoft wants me to have). It will be easy to get Windows running, but it may take weeks to get everything reinstalled and I would probably need to repurchase some software if I can't find the keys. I may have problems linking a clean install to the data on the other drives.
Adobe will be easy, just log into Creative Cloud and reinstall, and then point to the
current catalog. Microsoft flight simulator is spread all over the place and I don't
know how the files are linked.

The other option is to run sysprep and then create an image backup of the C drive and restore it on the new machine. I think all I would have to do is reactivate windows with the new license, and move the data disks. Because of the switch from Intel to AMD I think I need to do a universal restore/dissimilar hardware restore. I would like to install the new NVMe drive in the old PC and clone there, but I don't think that is possible because I have to do a universal restore and it can't restore to the same media as
the source.

I'm leaning toward doing an image backup, using AOMEI backup to do the cloaning and restoration. I use AOMEI backupper, but I think I will need to buy the professional version to do the universal restore. It may not be necessary to run sysprep with their universal restore, or it may not be necessary to use their universal restore if sysprep works.

I am going to do a clean install on my old machine. It will only need to have a couple of apps reinstalled.

Any suggestions, tips, warnings?

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