UPS unit for iMac i9 2020

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Re: UPS unit for iMac i9 2020

Scott Vail wrote: One word of warning, and I wasn't aware of this, I understand it's generally recommended against using this (and comparably sized UPS systems) as a power source for laser printers.


APC has a webpage that provides additional details but you are essentially correct:

Recommendations for protecting a laser printer

I use a Tripp Lite surge protector for my laser printer and some other devices that do not require a battery backup. I can attest to the validity of APC's advice:

It is recommended the Laser Printer have its own designated circuit, as the high current draw of a Laser Printer can "sag" the utility line causing low voltage situations.

Sometimes after it is turned on our laser printer briefly trips the UPS that lives across the room from the printer.  Our 1955 ranch-style home has an interesting mix of electrical circuits (we also have baseboard electric heating).  I've had the system checked out and it is OK.  But since we are going to remodel the main bath I am having additional electric work done to upgrade it.

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