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Re: MkI & II

Canadianguy wrote:

John Gellings wrote:

Oh I agree. Sony is certainly more popular and also easier to obtain. But us diehard Fuji users don't care about popularity contests.

And the truth is that Sony has answered to all the complaints people had so that mentality that Sony “sucks” might be a thing of the past pretty soon.

I've tried a handful of Sonys for extended periods of time, the A7R, A7II, A7RII, A7c, RX1RII etc... a few of the RX100 series. They still are horrible ergonomically and the menus are still too overly complex. It's obviously I've wanted to like them right? I just do not.

By the way I too know people that don’t like Fuji and they would never buy a Fuji camera.

Of course...

It appears your experience with Sony is with their MkI and II generation of cameras. I would have to agree - their MkI and II cameras were garbage - I wouldn't waste my time on them.

Well, I did just sell an A7c...and that was the best of the lot.  None of these cameras were garbage at all.  That's silly.  They just are not for me... even the latest and greatest.  It's still Sony.

MkIII and now their MkIV generation (A9II, A1, A7IV) bodies is where the action is. Try one of their MkIV bodies and you will be surprised.

Surprised by what?  Still the same ergonomics.  I have friends with these bodies.  I don't get impressed by specs on paper.

I look back on the MkI (12 MP sensors) and MkII (16 MP sensor) Fujifilm bodies and they were a bit_h to use.

Yes, I agree.  Which is why I used a Nikon Df and Sony A7R with my Fujis at the time.

Sure - the images came out great but you had to fight the AF system to get them.


So I wouldn't say that Fujifilm wasn't that much better than Sony in their Gen 1 & 2 bodies.

Right, but I'm talking about haptics and ergonomics.  I much prefer Fuji.  Of course all of these cameras are great IQ wise.

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