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Mark B. wrote:

Craig Gillette wrote:

The shooting on the movie set in New Mexico should be a reminder that sometimes the activities we are photographing can be extremely dangerous and we all have a responsibility to ourselves and everyone else involved to always have safety in mind. As it happens, I also drove by the Arroyo Hondo bridges near Gaviota/Santa Barbara, CA, today, where a group of "photographers" were struck by an Amtrak train in 2014.

Being involved with re-enacting and living history and the use of firearms in those activities, I'm not going to conclude much yet from the information that's been presented in the news. I think the terms "prop gun" and "misfire" as I've seen them used lack clarity. I do think it's not just a "single point" failure - that there was more than one "problem" that worked together to have this result.

From what I've read, there was a firearms expert on hand that was supposed to ensure safety. Also, the assistant director apparently handed it to the actor and specifically stated it was safe. Obviously that was not the case, so definitely a breakdown in protocol or procedure broke somewhere.

Yeah, Alec Baldwin did not inspect the firearm himself to ensure it was safe. Enough said. This makes me angry, it’s not the person handing the gun’s responsibility. Once it is in the hands of the person using it, it’s their responsibility to ensure it’s safe. Chain of Custody all the way down to the end user. Something could have potentially went wrong at any stage before it entered Alec Baldwins hands. The unsafe act could have been stopped right at the end if Alec were proficient and safe minded to inspect it himself.

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