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Craig Gillette wrote:

I do think it's not just a "single point" failure - that there was more than one "problem" that worked together to have this result.

I think this is the case with everything that's coming out.

However, the investigators need to decide if this shooting was a combination of production failures and health and safety or on top of that you have a disgruntle employee smuggled a live gun and placed it with the props. Either way, if the checks were in place then this wouldn't of happened.

I don't know this apply to all props that fire blanks. An armorer demonstrated you can't fit bullets inside a revolver that designed to fire blanks. If that the case, what was a real revolver doing on the set or why was there ammunition small enough to fit inside the chamber of a prop?

Either way the police or the investigators need to determine what happened.

I personally, from my own experience is to trust my judgement when I feel working conditions isn't safe. This appeared to happen on Rust with many union workers leaving due to health and safety a day prior to the accident.

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