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Re: My experiece my more like Rich's

I realise this back and forth is getting maybe a little too long

Yes, we both agree that theoretically with a perfectly linear printer and a perfectly linear paper, under with a perfect light you may get perfect results without any brute force approach. As you know, however, the first two are far from perfect. Maybe your best printer is way better than mine... heck, I do hope so! But in the end the brute force attempt is the only way to get low dE on an extended set of test patches.

I have tens of profiles to share, but it would take me a whole lot of time to prove a fact that its known in the industry: that ccStudio is fine for amateur purposes but far from satisfying for professionals or fine art. It seems you're perfectly fine with the results so I'm truly happy for you and I don't absolutely feel the need to prove I'm right and you are wrong: far from that.

I'm just curios if you can find the time to share two overlaid gamuts for both a ccStudio output and any other professional grade device. Xrite, Konica Minolta, whatever. I honestly can't believe you're getting optimum profiles with such a little number of patches, no matter what is the optimisation behind the curtains.

By the way that's for sure a clever approach, but it's not magic. I've analysed most of the "step 2" charts and they differ very little from paper to paper, So sure they adjust a little to compensate the black/white paper points and the most saturated hues, but little more than that. Only once I managed to get a radically different "step 2" chart, and that I couldn't find the reason for that, nothing special.

Regarding the device error, either it's just me (and I guess I'm not that little experienced to have issues creating a ccStudio profile, am I?) or I don't know what else except a suboptimal product, because I tried three different devices, over 1 year of tests and two completely different macOS versions along the way. All of them were lemons? Just mine?

Plus, as I've written before, radically different (better) results using Argyll with 210 to 840 patches, and maybe half a dozen a little under 1000. So again, same device, just different software. Just plain old brute force approach.

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