Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

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Re: Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

ALio wrote:

Kirnbichler wrote:

No, the Pergear 12mm is not a fisheye.

Yes, it has a protruding front element, which is quite normal in UWA lenses, but it is a rectilinear lens, as are both 9mm lenses made by Laowa/Venus Optics.

Still, the widest UWA lens you can get for APS-C seems to be the Sigma 8-16mm which is available in F mount. As this is an AF lens, it needs the FTZ adapter.

Both 9mm lenses from Laowa/Venus Optics are much smaller than the Sigma and Z native, but MF only, and "non-CPU".

The f/2.8 lens is an APS-C lens, the f/5.6 lens is a full frame lens and currently the widest lens on the market (but you won't profit from that on the Z-50).

A fisheye lens is for instance the Meike 8mm f/3.5.

The pergear isn't marketed as a fisheye but someone posted a brick wall type shot in the last couple days, and it looked like a fisheye to me... Or close enough that I wouldn't know the difference. It's not an extreme fisheye, mind you, it's a 12mm after all, but that was some serious barrel distortion.

Are you sure that was the 12mm? Reviewers all seem to agree that the 12mm has low distortion - the chinese MF lenses tend to control distortion quite well, as they can't correct it after the fact in camera

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