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Re: Not really a change

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

"Existing ColorMunki Photo owners can download i1Studio software for 64 bit compatibility."

My guess is that sometimes, like for you, the old software works fine on newer OSes; and other times it has problems.

It's true that Photo is native 32-bit

but I'll add that I have it running here on 7-64 and 10-64.

Anyone who's interested in the abandoned functionality can run the installer anyway. If it's not compatible on their particular 64-bit machine the installer will probably halt with an error message, no harm, no foul.

XRite's Windows 11 compatibility chart does not have a line item for 'Photo, which means that they didn't even test it, possibly due to no expectation that it would work, or that they think that too few of us are interested, or simply that they've moved on.

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