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dave92029 wrote:

There are numerous comments from those who own or want a high MP camera ie: a7Riii; A7riv, A1, etc. about how these cameras have "High Image" quality as compared to the new A7iv and all the rest.

I have a 4k monitor, but I don't have the display set to 4K because everything would be too small to read. I realize that even set at a lower resolution the detail is sharper than on a monitor capable of 1080p.

I also realize that the "extra" mp allow one to more easily "Crop" their raw image, but that is Not the same as "image Quality" is it?

Mark Galer, who I respect, comments that he Crops his raw images drown to 4K for presentation. The primary use/ benefit of a high MP image is in printing a Very Large poster. How many every do that? I never have.

4K is generally considered 3840 x2160 (8.3 MP), so isn't everything else usually being deleted.

300 ppi is generally considered a high quality image, but doesn't Apple Retina screens usually only reproduce 264 ppi?

How does very high MP cameras produce "better" image quality" than 24mp +???

Thanks for your help


One of the things that some people miss is that making adjustments to an image prior to downscaling it often yields a better result than applying similar changes to an image at the output resolution.

This holds true for NR, sharpening, contrast changes and many other kinds of edits and adjustments.

The same is true (and for related reasons) in relation to bit depth. You may be outputting images at 8-bit, but you'll get far better results during editing if the images are at 16-bit throughout (and crunched down to 8-bit at the point of output).

Consequently, for the cleanest results and the greatest editing flexibility, it's preferable to start with high resolution images (≥40MP) in 16-bit format - even if you intend to output ≤8MP images in 8-bit.

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