Question for DXO Photolab Users: Shadows and Highlights

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Re: Question for DXO Photolab Users: Shadows and Highlights

PhotonBeam wrote:

However, I am having trouble understanding how to use the selective tone settings to adjust highlights, midtones, and shadows. They seem to operate in a non-intuitive way compared to Lightroom.

Under the heading of not what you want to hear:

I gave up on using PL4's Selective Tone adjustments because of the numerous steps required to replicate the results that C1 (or LR, I assume) can deliver in much less time. I only fire up PL when I have a problematic noise issue in an image. On those occasions I export a dng with Prime NR and (sometimes) optical corrections and then finish the editing in C1.

I'm sure others will chime in with tips for your edification. Maybe we can both learn something.

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