Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room for the X-H2?

Samuraidog wrote:

Watching reviews today on Youtube about the Sony A7 IV, it had me thinking that Fujifilm may have made a mistake postponing the release of the X-H2 this year in favor of making a big splash on their 10th anniversary. Of course, the stacked sensor in the X-H2 will probably make a big difference, but I'd think that Fujifilm will lose some potential sales to the A7 IV.

Also, Fujifilm will have to make great strides in AF. If the X-H2 can't compete with the A7 IV in human eye AF, it will also be a huge disappointment. Add to that, the significant improvements in the A7 IV's animal eye AF.

Call me crazy, but I'm hoping for an X-H2 at less than $2500 that is nearly on par with the A1.

My X-T2 + 16-55 is so much easier to handle than the IV + 24-70 Gmaster. That combo is way too heavy for me and my one handed handling. The IQ gain - not much in my book and I dislike Sony colors - isn’t worth it.

If the H2 provides the jump in pixel count without too much noise in the shadows it may be the mid-camera jump while the real version II of the GFX50 sensor is available - in a few years.

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