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Re: Live bullet?

Chris R-UK wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

Why did Baldwin point the gun and fired at the Director of Photography?

Based on the latest information from the BBC website, the union representing the workers on the set has circulated information to its members which suggests that Baldwin was handed a gun containing a single live bullet. When using blanks, the person operating the camera has to wear goggles and is protected by a screen, and the actor fires the gun towards the camera. If it was a live round rather than a blank and the Director of Photography was behind the camera, the bullet could have gone through the screen and hit her. The other person injured could either have been hit by splinters from the screen or they could have been standing behind the Director of Photography and been hit by the same bullet.

As the gun expert on the BBC website says, it is very difficult to imagine how two people could be injured by a blank.

There was also an "armourer" on the set who is supposed to stop this kind of accident from happening.

I take issue with that last statement. It’s not the armourers responsibility to ensure safety ultimately safety is everyone’s responsibility including Alec Baldwins. Alec Baldwin should have had to inspect his firearm himself and have it verified by another person. This would have prevented a live round from being loaded and used.

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