Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room for the X-H2?

Canadianguy wrote:

Remember the Sony A7 III - with a release price of 1999 USD - it just crushed Fujifilm's dream of moving APS-C pricing up.

Fast forward to 2021 - A7 IV is out now and it has a release price of $2499 USD.

So some breathing room for an over $2K APS-C body from Fujifilm.

My "The Price is Right" guess for X-H2 pricing - $2199 with a stacked sensor.

Without a stacked sensor - it should be much cheaper.

I was similarly sceptical regarding pricing but I took some time(and help of several camera comparison websites) to figure out the most usable package of camera/lens combination across different manufacturers. Using this, let me put things in perspective:

1) The new 40 Mp sensor has nearly the same pixel density as the GFX 100s. This makes this newer sensor reach parity with GFX in "tonality", "depth" and whatever such terms that Fujifilm managers or fans were throwing around.

2) This sensor matches ~60 Mp Full Frame sensor in pixel density. We already know how lenses that perform fine on 24 Mp Sony FF sensor start falling apart at corners, and even in mid-frame on the 60 Mp sensor.

3) All this puts immense pressure on the newer line of lenses(18/23/33 trio, possibly an update to 56, and the newer video zoom). I think Fujifilm designers are using some of their expertise from making GFX lenses into this new line of lenses. GFX like DOF is near impossible on APS-C at wider apertures, but the sharpness and micro-detail will be at the same level - imagine that!

4) Additionally, Fuji will give 8K on an APS-C camera.

5) A micro four thirds crop on this 40 Mp sensor gives 30 Mp(3/4 factor) which is significantly higher than even the newer stacked 20Mp sensor that will come on GH6 and possibly Olympus "wow" flagship(I'm not certain. There are rumours of global shutter as well). So imagine, a stacked 30 Mp mft crop mode that resolves more than stacked 20 Mp GH6. Remember GH6 will likely be above $2000, possibly even $2400.

6) A 2x digital zoom gives 10 Mp which is still quite huge(more than 4K 16:9). The level of resolution in centre must be quite good.

7) 40 Mp stacked BSI sensor sets quite high standard for APS-C. We can expect a very sturdy and well built body in X-H2, possible as bulky as a GH6, because I think Fuji is looking to sell the larger lens( new 150-600) and its cine zooms(the two MK zooms). A well built body can handle bulkier lenses better.

8) Landscape photographers will enjoy the leap in image quality.

9) I also expect a rewrite of video assist features within the firmware.

Considering all this, and the A7IV price, I won't be surprised if Fuji prices this at the same price as GH6, which will be quite insane value for money. I expect the price to be above $2000.

It will drop under $2000 after some time(probably year and a half). And it will be quite a bestseller for many years to come. Even X-T4 is so good that I think Fuji will continue to make it until 2025.

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