Why use an APS-C Fuji in 2021?

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Re: Why use an APS-C Fuji in 2021?

a_c_skinner wrote:

Truthfully because it is what I have and it is perfectly satisfactory.

I can assemble a really small kit (E3 and 27mm) up to a really capable kit (T2 plus some big lenses) and have the little stuff as backup to the big stuff and vice versa.

Bit smaller. Cheaper. Though both less so than when I swapped.

This is it, really. Price didn't play such a big role for me, but I got really tired of carrying 900gr of camera plus lenses etc. With an X-E or X-Tx0 body, you can carry a camera and three small lenses in that weight budget.

Better depth of field (yes I know everyone else in the universe wants less DoF).

Hitting the nail on the head, Andrew. Especially the online community is so infected with the eternal chase for the slimmest of DoF (a common claimed 'disadvantage' of APS-C), many overlook the benefits of having larger DoF at the equal apertures. It all depends on application.

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