Shocking - G500 outperforms the 7i

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Re: For those that value product over process

It's also worth noting that the new Rolls would set you back about $350K, for which you might otherwise buy a different car for every day of the week and every purpose. And have something left for a g500 and ...

If you can have two or three cameras, you probably don't want the same capablilities in all of them (portability, manual controls, lens options etc) Why would you?

That said, for most shopping decisions the side-by-side comparison between two (or ten) competitive models is most useful (the New York Times reviews the new Rolls Sunday - next to the new Maybach by Mercedes). But comparing quite different models has its uses - especially when such a comparison turns up a surprising result. (Wouldn't YOU be surprised if a Z1 actually folded up and fit into your pocket?!) So if a slick little number comes along and shows it's far from a boutique camera, and can turn out results like a big boy in some cases, that's worth knowing.

Of course, it's the nut behind the viewfinder, as they say, that is the key piece of equipment.


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