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Re: Sigma lens on TL2

eobet wrote:

Thank you for the clarification. I thought I had it confused with the official M-mount adapter then, but now that I read about it, that doesn't seem to be the case either...

Just saw this, must have missed the Notification.

However, you claim that Leica updates the TL2 firmware for new lenses, but on other forums, I've seen people complain that Leica doesn't update the TL2 at all. Which is it?

Not so, the TL2 has received no updates since the official launch of the L-mount Alliance, and Leica has stated that it will receive no firmware updates.  However, it is nonetheless listed as compatible, and probably received sufficient compatibility shortly before the public announcement.  Initially, Leica stated that the current line-up would receive updates, but perhaps the communiqué from each lens proved sufficient with the final update.

I actually asked the question because I'm interested in the new 24mm F2 DG DN from Sigma which seems to at least have some shiny, all metal product shots that would go well with the silver TL2. We'll see.

Yeah, the I-series lenses seem designed with Leica in mind.  I confess that it does incline me to buy them even when they overlap.

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