18-50mm2.8, small zooms for LEICA CL (7)

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Launched, accurate. Video coverage.

The lens has now launched, and the specs were correct. Some video coverage is linked from these two L-rumor posts: Dustin, Christopher, various and Gordon, Chris, various


It is notably smaller than even the 28-70mmF2.8, let alone the far larger ART24-70 and three Leica full-frame standard zooms (SL24-90, SL24-70, SPRO24-70.)

The TL18-56 is smaller and lighter by a fraction, yet it starts at f/3.5 and lacks the constant f/2.8 aperture which is so handy for APS-C zooms.

Pretty impossible to ignore at this price, especially for those without viewfinders.

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