Why use an APS-C Fuji in 2021?

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Why use an APS-C Fuji in 2021?

I just read a post by batdude:


He argues that Fuji has to offer something special. The context of his comments are with regards to a possible X-T5, but I would argue that the X-T5 might not be the only one to compete closely with a potential X-H2.

Since I have been critical of Fuji - in fact critical to any system I have ever owned - I will start:

*Being critical is often read as a first step to "don't let the door hit you on your way out", but I have always thought of criticism as a means to understand the limitations of a system - and its strengths.

So here are my reasons for using Fuji APS-C, starting with the technical aspects (X-Pro3):

  • 1/32.000-900 sec: this is a BIG one!! BIG!!!!
  • user interface: just love it
  • focus stacking (see example below!): a clumsy affair with my SONY. There might be other systems that have it, but Fuji works really well for me here.
  • colours: technically not "technical" on the surface, but technical nevertheless the colour science behind Fuji's cameras. Another BIG one!
  • HDR in RAW: I am sure that not everyone has used this, or even knows it's there, but this is a rather neat thing to have
  • lenses: in particular the 35/1.4, the 56/1.2 and the 14/2.8 ... brilliant stuff and weighing less than a ton
  • Size and weight: acceptable in almost all scenarios I can think of

... and then there are some not-so-technical aspects:

  • User interface: highly subjective, but I have never been a fan of "everything-in-menus" cameras. The X-Pro3 and the X-T-series just suit what I like using
  • X-Pro series: to have something THIS unique is quite something
  • X-Pro3 only: NO logo/name/whatever visible from the front/subject/model's perspective. I simply really like this!
  • Materials: not always apparent, but I like the titanium (SIA??)

For me as a multi-format/make user I think there are quite a few reasons why I feel like using a Fuji in 2021 makes sense.

Focus bracketing (insurance job) X-Pro3 50/2

HDR in camera RAW conversion

Did I forget anything?


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