Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Stacked Sensor is the key to improved AF

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.... I don't need high FPS and a stacked sensor, so this A7IV might be just the right camera for me and although I have been saying for the longest time that I don't need more resolution, 33MP ain't bad. I shot with the 36MP Pentax K1 for a year and I had no problem. I really hate flippy screens but besides that this A7IV might be the camera for me.

Maybe a used Panasonic S1, but I like what I'm seeing from Sony so far.

I haven't seen anything about a XH2 and again, 40MP with those massive Fuji RAW file sizes is not attractive to me at all. Now, what would interest me is IF, the XH2 comes in a one single Pro body like a mini Canon R3. THAT would interest me and I would pay $2500, but to be very honest, besides that I'm not sure the XH2 will be the camera for me, and is almost November and it hasn't shown up.

I love stacked sensors because of the silent shooting but I have come to realize that it also the path to improved AF.

EVIL AF systems need samples to calculate the lens movements. The more samples it has the better the AF. Stacked sensors gives the processors more samples to work with.

With the faster readouts - the EVF frequency can also be boosted - which will improve out viewfinder experience and reduce lag and blackout times.

Getting sensors with faster readout times and matching them with faster processors is the key to improving our shooting experience with EVIL cameras.

I'm old school. I don't need better AF systems. In fact, I find myself going back more and more to MF and playing. Such is life. Save your coins. There must be a homeless shelter somewhere. Here's one with MF yesterday.

Look... please do us all a favor and make your point, but leave out trollish remarks like your homeless shelter remark. Unnecessary and unfunny.

Heh, go easy on the testosterone remarks, svp. My point was for us all to save our money on stacking and better AF systems and spend our money more wisely, such as helping others in need. I fail to see the troll here. Just saying.

And your comments have NOTHING to do with photography, just your Huge Ego showing. go shoot a bird

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