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Re: Image Quality you can see

dave92029 wrote:

I have a 4k monitor, but I don't have the display set to 4K because everything would be too small to read. I realize that even set at a lower resolution the detail is sharper than on a monitor capable of 1080p.

Your monitor (all of them really) does a poor job scaling lower resolutions to it's panel native resolution.

I would set your operating system display resolution to your monitor's native resolution and use window scaling built-in to your operating system.

If Windows just select 200% scaling in your Display Settings. That will give you approximately the same screen real estate as having 1080p resolution but you will get native resolution capability when viewing images or video.

You can still view your photos at 200% if you choose (which is the same as viewing them at 100% with 1080p screen resolution that you are doing today).

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