Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room for the X-H2?

michaeladawson wrote:

Batdude wrote:

Your point is very interesting.

When I purchased my new XH1 at a whooping $1699 plus tax I really really regret it a year later when the price plummeted. I too will never make that same mistake again. The XH1 for what you got was really over priced, IMHO.

But as I said, if Fuji shows up with a XH2 like a mini D4/R3 type body it will be really hard for me to resist

It was not overpriced. I think it was very reasonably priced. The problem was not that it was overpriced but that they came out with the X-T3 shortly thereafter and killed sales.

Yes I know which is the same reason, it "became" over priced because people didn't really feel it had anything special, except IBIS and a deeper grip.  That's it.  The AF wasn't that great either and it never got a boost in AF performance and the XT3 does have better AF.  And by the way, the same exact thing is going to happen if Fuji releases the XT5 soon after that, so, something HAS to make the XH2 very different, and I say and hope Fuji makes it in a body with built-in grip.  The new flag ship.  Otherwise why would anyone want to buy it again.

Now, the D4/R3 built-in grip style is just my (personal) idea and wish as to what the XH2 should be, but whatever it is, it better have something really different that will make it's existence worth it compared to the XT5 when that comes out otherwise Fuji themselves will shoot themselves on the foot and kill the XH line forever.

Having said all that, buying another fuji camera that will look exactly like the XH1 will turn me off and I seriously doubt I will buy such camera.  A stacked sensor alone doesn't  really excite me that much to be frank because I don't think I really need it.

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