Nikon Z6 II vs A7C for travelling

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Nikon Z6 II vs A7C for travelling

Hello everyone,

I'm considering a system change. Right now I own a Fujifilm X-T4 but often I'm not really happy when I edit the files that come from the camera, especially when it is pictures of vast landscapes with many details and night time pictures. While the straight out of camera jpeg looks really good from the Fujifilm Camera, I'm just not happy when processing them. Shooting is really fun, but the output of the camera when processed in Lightroom just does not satisfy me. As it is also a really expensive camera I look for a trade in to another system which has raws which are better manageable in Adobe Lightroom. I mainly use my camera for travel photography in all kinds of conditions. Bright sunny weather as well as rain.

Now after a lot of research I have boiled down the choice between A7C and Nikon Z6 II. I already rented the Z6 II and was really satisfied with the handling and the overall look of the images and the postprocessing capabilites. I had it in the Kit with the Nikkor 24-70mm f4, which I also really liked. So overall the Z system looks really interesting for me. On my X-T4 I mostly used the 16-55 f2.8 and I feel that the Nikon one is even better than that one. When I take my pictures I always like to pick out a specific thing and blur the background somehow, thats just my preferred look. And while on the Z System the 2.8 Zoom Lens is really big and heavy I found on the E-Mount the Sigma 28-70mm 2.8 DG DN Art. The pictures and raws I have taken a look at I found really pleasing, thats why the A7C came to my mind. The size and weight is obiously perfect for travel photography. I also really like to take some portraits when strolling around during travel.

To narrow down my problem I just have tested the Nikon Z6 II with the Kit lens and A7C does not seem to be around for renting in germany. Thats why I am asking for your opinion here.

For the beginning I would start for both systems with just some standard zoom:

- A7C + Sigma 28-70mm f2.8

Here my problem is that the weather sealing of the sigma does not seem to be very good, which could be a huge issue when traveling.

-Nikon Z6II + Nikkor 24-70mm f4

Will I miss the stop compared to the Sigma, or is the bokeh almost comparable?

Another open thing for me is the ISO Performance of both cameras. I really like taking pictures in the evening when travelling, from what I read the A7C should have better High ISO Performance. But when I compare the pictures I have taken at ISO 5000-10000 when I rented the Z6II to the sample A7C ones here on the site I have the opposite feeling. What is your opinion here?

In the future I plan to evolve my system with the following lenses, maybe that would favor one system instead of the other one:

- 85mm for Portrait: Nikkor Z 85mm 1.8 vs. Sony FE 85mm 1.8 (this seems to be lighter and cheaper)

- Compact Lens: Nikkor 40mm f2 vs. Samyang 45mm 1.8

- Tele: Nikkor af-p 70-300mm vs. Tamron 70-300

I am really uncertain what the best combination is for travelling, as I would like to have a quite compact, light, versatile kit, which I can use in any condition at day and also night. Hope I can get some useful tips here!

Nikon Z6 II Sony a7C
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