32" 4k screen recommendation for new 14" M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro?

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32" 4k screen recommendation for new 14" M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro?

Just purchased the new 14" MacBook Pro with M1 Max chip to replace a late 2015 27" 5k iMac

I was running the iMac with a second 25" monitor (Dell Ultrasharp UP2516D - 2560x1440 which does 100% Adobe RGB). Now looking to upgrade to a 32" monitor. Budget: under $2k.

First some basic questions:

1. Should I be looking at a monitor that does 99%+ Adobe RGB or be okay with 100% sRGB for the 'main' 32" monitor since I can use the Dell 25" for proofing in Adobe RGB for prints? If I understand correctly, the proper setup is to process the photos in the maximum color space (ProPhoto RGB) on an sRGB monitor for most of my images as they start off on the web and mobile devices. Then switch to processing on an Adobe RGB monitor for any prints.

2. Will I notice a big drop off in clarity moving from the 27" 5k iMac screen to a 32" 4k one?

3. Ideally, would love a single cable connection to the MacBook Pro that would then be able to connect to an OWC RAID, external SSD and the Dell 25" monitor.

So here is what I have as options so far including some Pros/Cons related to use with a MacBook Pro specifically. All are 32" 4k monitors with IPS screens:

1. Asus PA32UC - $1500
Matte screen
99.5% Adobe RGB; 100% sRGB
14 bit LUT; 10 bit depth
1 USB-C/TB3 input; Power up to 60W

2. Asus PA329CV - $800
I think this is their newest version
100% sRGB but NO MENTION of Adobe RGB anywhere
USB-C with 90W power delivery
Only thing going for the one (besides price!) is the promise of a single cable to connect to the MacBook Pro and be good to go with power, etc and (I believe) be able to send data to/from RAID, external drive and drive second monitor

3. Asus PA329C - $1150
I believe this is the older (2019) version vs the new PA329CV
Glossy screen with anti-reflective coating
100% Adobe RGB; 100% sRGB
14 bit LUT; 10 bit depth
1 USB-C 3.2 gen 1; Powers up to 60W

4. Viewsonic XG320U - $1000
Just announced as 'Gaming Monitor'
144Hz; IPS; 99% Adobe RGB; 99% sRGB
Inputs: USB 3.2 type B and HDMI 2.1
Unclear to me if can power MacBook Pro with single USB-C cable
10 bit color depth

5. BenQ SW321C - $2,000
60Hz; IPS; 99% Adobe RGB; 100% sRGB
Inputs: USB-C with up to 60W charging and data transfer up to 5 Gb/s
16-bit LUT; 10 bit color depth
BenQ seems to have better reviews than the Asus ProArt but also have read some 'horror stories'

6. Eizo Flexscan EV3285 - $1850
Limited to 100% sRGB

Thanks in advance!

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