Custom Profile for M6 Mark II / 90D Video

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Custom Profile for M6 Mark II / 90D Video

I've been working on a pet project and I am looking for a few other people to test it out and see if I've developed something useful or it's just a waste of time.

In short - it's a custom profile that I've created that increases the dynamic range from the M6 Mark II / 90D sensor. In order for it to work you need to under-expose by 1 stop - thereby picking up an additional stop in the highlights, while compressing the shadows a little bit. My preliminary testing shows that it actually does the trick. You can see in the image below I've managed to retain some detail from the outdoors while using a flattened neutral profile it's completely blown out.

Neutral Profile, EV +0, Contrast -4, Saturation -2, Graded

Neutral-Wide(-1) Custom Profile, EV -1, Contrast -4, Saturation -2, Adjustment LUT, Graded

I do wonder - and this is where more testing will be needed - if you could achieve the same effect simply by under-exposing -1 and then grading accordingly or whether doing it in-camera is preferred. What I can say is that using this picture profile makes it easier to shoot at -1 than using the regular neutral profile.

I've also created two LUTs that I suggest you use when editing. The basic LUT just applies an inverse curve and shifts the luminosity midpoint to the left by half a stop. This brightens the midtones a bit without impacting the shadows or highlights. The standard LUT does the same but adds a bit of contrast and saturation.

At this point I am looking for feedback - picture profiles cannot do magic but this may help us squeeze a little more out of the camera.

Download here:


  • This is specifically designed for the sensor on the M6 Mark II and 90D. It'll work on other Canon cameras, but it may not work as intended.
  • You must underexpose by -1 in order to gain anything from this picture profile.
  • The footage out of camera will look a little wonky and may be hard to grade. Use the LUT I've supplied to get started.
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