Comparing electronic flash to LED lighting

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Ellis Vener
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Comparing electronic flash to LED lighting

Can you help me with some research by performing an experiment for me?

1) set up a target with known values ( I suggest an X-rite 24 patch ColorChecker)

With both types of light using the same diffusing modifier -softbox or umbrella - at the same distance to the target,

And with your camera at either 1/30th or 1/60th second and a fixed ISO, using the LED light source at full power determine the right f-stop for a good exposure.

Please make note

now swap the flash (preferably one that lets you adjust output in 1/10th stops) for the LED lighting sources (keeping the modifier and distance from front of softbox, the ISO, shutter-speed, and f-stop the same) and adjust power on flash to match the exposures.

please make notes regarding

1) make, model, and type (CoB or panel, daylight balance only or variable color) of LED

2) make and model of electronic flash

3) make, model, and size of softbox

5) Distance from front of softbox to target.

4) exposure settings (ISO, shutter-speed, and f-stop)

5 (optional) frames from both the LED and flash, without color correction.

Thank you for your time and effort!

Why use a softbox? Using the same diffused modifier eliminates discrepancies between different reflector designs.

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