Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room for the X-H2?

Guyps wrote:

Agree with everything in the thread. If that A7 iV didn't have the archaic style of flippy screen I'd have probably hit the order button before even seeing the rest of the the real world reviews and not just the sony biased ones that are available.

The low FPS with Lossless RAW (5 i think it is) would have probably almost put me off. But I think I could live with 10FPS in lossy/JPEG

For me 10 FPS, and even 5, is more than enough and Sony's AF will give you close to 100% sharp in focus photos.

And from the early leaked video the shutter did sound as bad as the A7iii.

I did see a video of a guy and a girl showing the sound of the camera that was way too loud and if there is no function to make the camera silent then that will indeed turn me completely off and not buy the camera.  I'm still learning more about it.

With regards to the sensor read out yes it seems like the only way of major improvements are to go stacked, however Fuji definitely should be able to catch up with the A7iv with it's non stacked sensor in my opinion and it frustrates me that this isnt happening.

Fuji has a smaller sensor so should really be able to process quicker..

Imagine the XT4 features, in an XT3 body with Sony A7iV AF performance levels at £1600 ish

It would disrupt the market like the A7iii did when it burst onto the scene.

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