Silent shutter ( the state of Art )

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Re: Silent shutter ( the state of Art )

Tbh most electronic shutters nowadays are usable, but lets go over them.


A7 IV, pretty terrible

Sony APC, all terrible


R3, like A1, usable even for sports

R6 okay


mostly ok


GH6 has a stacked sensor and is micro four thirds, so should promise to be amazing.

Fullframe rolling shutter is ok, usable for video, as they are video centric afterall.


Newest gen sensor has pretty fast readout, is ok.

X-H2 has stacked sensor, is APC size, so should be really fast compared to fullframe.

What do i mean by "ok"? Usable in everyday life, for example just photographing street etc, you won't notice massive distortions. With terrible electronic shutter readout, you can easily see jello effect when your hands shake even a little or there is some movement.

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