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Franno83 wrote:

Sranang Boi wrote:

My suggestion is to look at ACDSEE as a photo editing suite based on overall cost, features, and learning curve. And since getting the FZ1000M2 I have spent more time using it than all of my interchangeable lens cameras combined. And if you shoot in RAW you can use DxO Photolab4 to clean up noisy pictures with their revolutionary DeepPrime. It takes away a lot of the reasons for an interchangeable lens system. It's only video really that I use my main m43 camera for.

Many thanks for these suggestions. Will have a good look at them.

Hi Fran,

👍 Another nice set of images. You definitely have the 'eye' for image composition. IMHO that's one of important parts to good "photograph".

Like any other artistic instrument just takes time, study, practice, and experimentation.

One needs to take the time to 'learn and understand' attaining exposure under different lighting conditions with your camera(s), especially in High Dynamic lighting conditions; bright highlights and dark shadows.

Canons Ashby house

In scenes light the above, in using Matrix metering, the larger dark area will cause highlights to be overexposed, unless you use some Exposure Compensation to help mitigate highlights from being overexposed. In scenes like this I would use center-weighting, or spot metering. Generally with digital images you have a greater recovery of underexposed areas than overexposed (but not blown-out) highlights.

Even with shooting RAW if the highlights are too overexposed (blown-out) you will not be able to recover details/ colors in the blown-out areas.

"Very quick" highlights/ shadows recovery with Photoshop Elements.  Note the blown-out highlights are "white"—no color/ details.

With in-camera settings you have very limited adjustments compared to In post processing, per the samples I posted HERE awhile back in the "FZ80 experiences pt.8" topic.

Now days with the internet there are many sites to learn that was previously only available via buying books; e.g., "Cambridge in Colour", "DigicamHelp.com", etc.

Some software vendors have online tutorials on how to use their software; e.g., DxO PhotoLab, Affinity Photo, etc.

Important Note: Prior to buying any Photo/ RAW editor app be sure to check to see the apps "System Requirements" to make sure your computer has the OS, CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, etc. to run the software.


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