UPS unit for iMac i9 2020

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Re: UPS unit for iMac i9 2020

I recall having the same misgivings when I was in the market for a new UPS. I eventually chalked it up to the assumption that with millions of units sold, there are bound to be some problems and even downright lemons out there.

I've been using APC for over 20 years now. I'm on my third UPS. I got it when I purchased a Mac Mini in 2019. No problems with any of them: I upgraded when the cost of a new battery and a new UPS were so close it made sense to go for the UPS. Over the years I also needed more power sockets for peripherals.

BTW, if you live in an older house like I do, make sure that the outlets are grounded. A UPS only works with grounded plugs.  All of the units I have used provide a warning if there is something amiss with the electrical circuit.  In my case I had to have grounded plugs installed in my home office, a repair that requires a qualified electrician.

Whichever brand you wind up choosing, I that you'll be fine. If something does go wrong, it's not the end of the world. Hopefully it will occur while the unit is under warranty.

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