Lightroom Focus point plug-in -- has anyone used this

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Re: Lightroom Focus point plug-in -- has anyone used this

Just to add to this. Unfortunately Canon had all types of links to articles and blogs about all of this stuff. When they went to the R system they dropped them all. I wish I still had references.

Anyway, for Canon owners. Rudy Winston once said IS Servo work exactly the same way and One Shot does. So I tested it. I put my camera on One Shot, expansion AF. I picked a plain wall with no contrast.

I moved the AF point around. Sometimes the centre point only would illuminate and sometimes an outer point did. When that happened the centre also illuminated. The sequence was the outer point illuminated first followed by the centre point. This told me outer point kicked in to tell the centre it was are good to go for AF. Later in DPP you could see that the centre point and an outer point (usually only one) were both activated.

As I said in AI Servo it never shows which outer points were activated, only the centre point. I don't know why Canon set it up this way but we are supposed to trust it is doing its job. This confirmed to me when in expansion mode the centre point is still always the primary AF point.

In Zone AF it shows every AF that was active when the shot was taken. There is no primary AF point unless you set it up for initial AF. When it achieves AF it drops out as primary and becomes part of the AF cluster. Take your finger off the Shutter or BBF and the process repeats.

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