Request: GFX 100 / 100S Long Exposure Black Frame

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OP AlexNOR New Member • Posts: 14
Re: Request: GFX 100 / 100S Long Exposure Black Frame

avalvo wrote:

If I have a choice, I am going to go with the 50S. But I will shoot the 100, if that is what I have with me. My comments are related to long exposures with NR turned off. If you leave NR on then both cameras will be fine. But, I generally don't like to wait the additional time for the camera to do the dark frame subtraction, etc. I have done exposures out to 8mins for landscape work. With no NR the 100 does require more clean up in post.

Thanks. I always shoot with NR off myself. Not only do I not wish to wait the additional time, but from my limited testing I've actually found that I get worse noise with NR on.

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