Thoughts on 300mm PF vs 500mm PF on Z-mount

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Re: Thoughts on 300mm PF vs 500mm PF on Z-mount

FuhTeng wrote:

Prophecies wrote:

Hey folks,
I'm the happy owner of a 300mm f/4 PF lens, it has been treating me very well. I'm on the cusp of getting my Z6II in the mail, and I'm wondering what you're experiences with the PF lenses have been on z-bodies.
I'm happy with the 300mm, but I've been curious about the 500mm. I always thought the 500mm was a bit of an odd one, especially since it is an f5.6.
I use the 300mm with a 1.4x teleconverter, which brings it to a 420mm 5.6. Yes, the 500mm gets that extra 80mm of reach, but at that focal length, it's not a hugely noticeable difference.
What are your thoughts on the 500mm vs the 300mm pf? Is the 500mm worth the extra cost? I feel like the 300mm + 1.4x TC gets it darn close and I wonder if the extra money is worth it.

It depends on what you shoot. If you're shooting butterflies than the psuedo-macro of the 300 PF + 1.4x can't be beat.

But for me the 500 PF made my 300 PF completely superfluous so I sold the 300 PF. I adore my 500 PF for what I shoot - birds and big mammals.

Same here. But I sometimes miss the raw 300, without converter, for the faster aperture than the 500/5.6.

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