Lightroom Focus point plug-in -- has anyone used this

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Re: Lightroom Focus point plug-in -- has anyone used this

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I used the plug-in for a few years but as I found myself doing more and more manual focussing for landscapes I didn't bother reinstalling it when I bought a new computer a couple of years ago and now I have a mirrorless camera which isn't supported. But when I used it it worked very well.

Don't know about other brands but with Canon and using AI Servo it can pretty much useless. That includes Canons DPP. If tracking an object like a bird and it swoops up it can still be on focus depending on how you set up Tracking Sensitivity.

This is when using single point or using expansion AF modes. If it's set to a negative value it will maintain focus for second to give you time to get the AF back the subject. At 10 or more fames per second it can be like a lifetime. Also in expansion mode Canon does not show any outer point/s that were activated to assist the centre point. It only shows the centre point, which is the primary AF point. It's not like a mini Zone AF as has been stated a few times. Expansion AF has nothing in common with Zone AF.

Of course this has changes that with the new mirrorless cameras have great Zone AF, which did use with my DLRS's. Both ML and DLSR show all active AF points in Zone AF.

The AF point is no where near the bird after the first shot during this burst sequence. All the frames are usable. These are just un-processed screen shots.

I think I mixed up frames 2 and 3 but we get the point.

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