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Re: ON1 Photoraw 2022 plugin capability

The 2022 plugins are now available. In the U.S., you can add the plugins to the standalone version for $70 U.S. If you buy it as a standalone, it is on sale for $130 at the moment, with a normal price of $150 U.S. Which means that the upgrade price for Photoraw 2022 standalone with the plugins option is the same as the normal price for the plugins alone. And the website does not seem to give a discount for plugin buyers who want to buy just the plugins (who also own Photoraw 2022 or any other version of Photoraw). So, it appears that they really want to create two distinct markets for the products, that forces you to pay more just to get the plugins. Essentially, buy the plugins and you'lll get the standalone for free. If you want just the standalone, then it's discounted (though that's not what's readily apparent, until you think about the prices that they are charging).

What I don't get is this. If you owned Photoraw 2021, which included the plugins, why don't you get a discount for the plugins? You can buy it separately for almost the same price as the bundle of plugin and standalone, but if you want to upgrade to just the plugins, it's not possible, at least from the available choices in the website. No grandfathering discount for plugin buyers.

Which means that if you bought Photoraw 2022, there is no easy way to purchase the plugins for 2022 unless you buy the "introductory priced" plugin bundle or repurchase Photoraw 2022 with the plugin bundle.

And there's another catch.  If you are a member of the ON1 Plus Pro program, you're supposed to get the next version of Photoraw free if it's offered while your subscription is active.  Except that now, you'll only get the standalone Photoraw, not the plugins.  If you had a subscription, you'll still have to buy the plugins separately, even though the previous version of the product that you purchased included that functionality.

Way to go, ON1.

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