My new P950

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Re: My new P950


Got a B700 and had some nice bird photos with that.

Also got a Gx9 with the 100-300. That takes better photos up to 600mm and a bit further if you include cropping.

But after say 1000mm the nikon reach puts it ahead. Had some really nice photos even at its max 1440mm.

I'm currently weighing up getting the 100-400, buying a heavy 600mm full frame lens or getting the p950.

I just want to slightly improve my photo's and a bit more reach would be nice.

Got some nice kestrel shots but never had much luck with goldfinches. They always seem to lack the feather detail yours have.

Don't know why. I've taken nice photos of other even smaller birds but goldfinches always seem more mobile or that bit too far.

Your photos have made me seriously think about the p950 again.

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