Do I Really Need Extra Antivirus Software?

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Re: Router and DNS

Excellent advice. I skipped past that because it can get complicated and I assumed everyone has a modern router. I'll touch on DNS in a bit, but it falls into the same line of thinking.

If you're using an a ancient router - upgrade it. They're up to 802.11ac. At the very least you should have 802.11n. They're more efficient and secure. If you're getting your router from you service provider, odds are it's out of date - and they're charging you monthly for that. Modern routers have modern firewalls. Windows (or Mac OS) have built in firewalls, too. Your service provider is also using a firewall and AV (or should be) so that's even more protection.

You should own your own modem, too. Sometimes a service providers offers a modem/router combo - and they both go out of date.

Your service provider typically has their own DNS service and it should be "filtering" out bad domains. As mentioned, there are quite a few good one out there. Google DNS and OpenDNS come to mind. I use Google DNS because I have a Google Router, or Nest or OnHub or whatever they're calling it these days.

All the OS's have greatly improved security these days. The weakest link in the security chain is the end user.

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