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Sony hype train :-) should Nikon play the same game

Looking at the front page of Dpreview and a quick search of youtube where every Tom, Dick, Harry and their dog has their grubby paws on a Sony A7IV. Sony's real skill is mastery of the marketing game. The camera is hardly revolutionary yet it fills almost the entirety of DPreview's front page . And every shill clickbaitersorry highly enlightened photography channel on YouTube floods us with videos about it filled with rampant hyperbole . I either ignore these folk or treat them as comedy

All jesting aside , I do think that Nikon needs to up their marketing. Trying to find reliable reviews { any reviews in fact } about newly launched Nikon gear presents us with a paucity of results. The sad irony being that by the time the Nikon gear gets in to the hands of decent informed reviewers the Z cameras and lens are typically very well reviewed

Here is a case in point according to the typical YouTube and media clickbaiters { sadly DPreview is becoming one of them }. The AF of the Z6/Z7 was slated Dpreviews conclusion of the AF

Meanwhile from the Sony A7RIV review it apparently has and I quote "Excellent autofocus tracking implementation"

Yet here in a comprehensive test of BIF photography { one of the most challenging areas for any AF system} using multiple brands from a skilled reviewer. The Sony lags well behind

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