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Re: xrite i1Studio/colormunki etc

julian kalmar wrote:

With the colormunki I´m used to create printer targets with 1600 colours.

Those devices work with their own software (or third party such as Argyll) and all work with the 50+50 approach

If you made 1600 patch targets/profiles - then how? What process and other software did you use?

The CM software uses the 50+50 and whilst there is a patch reading capability in the CM software (not i1Studio - a serious omission IMHO) the idea of scanning 1600 patches with a colormunki is not one I'd relish.

As my colormunki doesn´t work after 10 years I´d like to buy the i1Studio. Unfortunately with the i1Studio software (downloaded it for playing a little with it....) I can only create targets with 2x50 colours.

Yes, the measurement process is the same as with the colormunki software, but with the addition of being able to save measurement sets during the profiling sequence.

I really doubt, that an ICC profile created with 2x50 colours can work as good as an ICC profile created from the 1600 colour targets with Colormunki/iprofiler.......

Maybe, but I'd really like to know how you did this with the original CM - I've been involved with it's development since I had alpha versions of hardware to test... Hidden features or an awful lot of tedious measurement and data manipulation?

Oh, and the 50+50 profiles can be rather good - I normally use 2.9k patch targets on i1Profiler (iSis XL) and was pleased to see some from ccStudio looking quite reasonable.

Is there a possibility to use the Colormunkis iprofiler Software to create and read the targets with iStudio sensor (Colormunki and i1studio seems to be identical from hardware....)

i1Profiler does not recognise the Colormunki/i1Studio/colorchecker studio hardware (I have all three devices here and a version of i1Profiler with an 'enable all' dongle.

Whilst the devices are similar, I note that i1S hardware won't work with CM software, but CM hardware will work with the newer software

i1 Studio (now ccStudio) only supports the 50+50 ... AFAIK?

Curious to know just what you did with the original CM...

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bye for now
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