Who is a lens expert?

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Re: There's no need for...

atom14 wrote:

...a "preface" like this...

EyeOfSauron wrote:

When it comes to all lens in cameras, telescopes, microscopes, eyewear, etc who is the expert? An optical physicist of some kind? I have distortion questions I want to ask someone.

It wastes posts - both yours and ours. Just ask the questions.

So true!

There are many types of lens experts, who understand different aspects of the lens optics. If you ask specific questions you might get the right answer straight away, or some speculation on possible answers.

I doubt any true experts will have in depth knowledge of all the field you talk about, I'd expect only two at most. Although the basics apply to all fields each has it's own peculiarities such as eyewear needing to correct for astigmatism in someones vision (as opposed to simply avoiding introducing it).

As with all internet queries there may be some answers from armchair experts who know less than they think they do (uniformed opinion) but a little bit of investigation can usually rule these out quite quickly.

I'm sure I've seen posts here from actual lens designers, then there are many self taught amateurs who can probably point you in the right direction...

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