What the Sony A7IV means for Nikon (mostly the Z6 and Z7)?

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Re: What the Sony A7IV means for Nikon (mostly the Z6 and Z7)?

rhlpetrus wrote:

Droster wrote:

Not much. The only thing I’m expecting is a price hike to meet the R6 and a7iv. If they’re sticking to the 24MP BSI sensor then they could price it at $2,299 instead of $2,499.

After reading a bit more about the new Sony, except possobly for AF, which is relevant, the camera is likely a let down, not very innovative and somewhat disappointing, Sony seems to be buying time with it. Nikon has a good chance to leapfrog it with Z6iii, just hoping not to far away in the future, as that could be my future camera.

Apart from human, animal, and bird eye AF and tracking in stills (and video), AF down to f/22 lenses, 15 stops DR, 5+ stops IBIS, (finally) lossless compressed raw files, what could you possibly want for still imaging? Just select what you want to shoot, point in the general direction, press the shutter and let it do its thing.

The only thing I can even think of would be eye tracking to select AF point (like the R3). 10 fps is the limit but then again that is way more than any current Z does with tracking. Remember this is only a $2500 entry level full frame body.

As for video instead of zebras, it shows areas in front of focus and behind focus in different colors (a first), focus breathing compensation (another first) for a bunch of Sony lenses (including the new GM primes), gyro data integration into video, and a bunch of raw video format stuff that I don't understand. Some of these the A1 and A7SIII don't have (yet). The big letdown for video people is lack of 4K60 but then again that's why they sell the A7SIII and A1 and to be expected.

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