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Re: FZ1000ii Experiences

The camera is amazing, I'm not sure I'll ever figure everything out about it.

Not even sure there is a need to?....

The user error I can relate to! I just went and took some photos of Halloween stuff on the beach and I did the whole thing in 5.5 k having messed up my white balance so I guess I will try to editing that Jon t keeps telling me to do!

Especially since I took pictures of small children for the moms what a day to mess it up but it might be interesting because it was almost dark and yet the photos were not.

Hmm...they turned out beautifully.  I only noticed the K before I took the Halloween pix, so who knows.  I'm still going to edit someday - actually I find Google photos to be pretty sophisticated these days as well.  These could use some sharpening up but the people will be really happy.  I love to photograph people these days and then email them photos - they get such a kick out of it.


unedited, low light


unedited - LOVE the camera!

I also got a new laptop but boy they don't come with much storage these days so I will be using my old laptop to upload photos and edit them and only put the very best on the new laptop... Well that's my plan it'll probably last for a month or two LOL!

I am looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful compositions in your picturesque village.


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