Merging two sides of court into single video?

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Re: Merging two sides of court into single video?

you're describing the holy grail of home sport videography

I've been trying to find a solution for years (see my post history here), without luck - every now and then something pops up, but it's either a scam or not useable. The last software solution that seemed to allow "stitching" two videos together to get a 180 degree view was Kolor Autopano that closed down (think they got swallowed by GoPro or another big company) and they're no more... Mistika still exists for professional use, at professional prices.

There are several hardware AI or service based offerings - Huddle, Pixalot, Veo, Treo, Trace and a few other companies also have hardware solutions you might want to look into...

I've been following Pix4Team but their product seems to be vaporware - their adds on Facebook and social media are very suspect, have no technical details, there's no independent user reviews, and they can't produce any raw unedited footage to prove their claims. And their Pix4Teams panning device is $1100 - but you still have to provide a camera!

Ampervue is the most promising almost affordable solution - you use two cameras and they apparently combine the footage and produce highlight clips, but I'm not sure if complete stitched video is available, or just highlights. They had a generous free offering to get you hooked when I last checked, and you might want to look at their current tech to see if it suits your needs.

Another option is to look at a 360 camera, and then edit afterwards to create the illusion of panning...

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