Lightroom Focus point plug-in -- has anyone used this

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Re: Lightroom Focus point plug-in -- has anyone used this

I've had a version of that plug in since the days when I used Lightroom and that hasn't happened, in anger, for years.

It says in that link that it works with Lightroom V5 and later, whereas I'm sure I used it before V5 so perhaps it's been slightly updated.

On the other hand, the list of supported cameras makes me think otherwise. The only ones listed are all quite old. For example it lists Nikon's mirrorless offerings as V1, J1 etc. No mention of the Zs and they've been around for about four (?) years.

By all means download and try it, it did work for me, although only in the Library module, if my memory serves me correctly but don't be surprised if your version of Lightroom is too new.

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