The End Game - And Sony is doing the PERFECT moves.

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The End Game - And Sony is doing the PERFECT moves.

Given the moans of the A7 iv launch, I would like to give the flip coin that Sony is playing this one perfectly.

This is a stellar release, probably the best one from Sony in a while.


Because Sony, like Canon , Ford and Toyota, are *Stock Traded companies.*

- Their *core* business is to generate revenu to the shareholders, and always at higher and higher shareholder expectations.

They care 100% about the bottom line, - it's their sole, singular purpose to exist.

(newsflash: They dont give a rats *ss about gear-heads moaning, never have, never will)

And this release (just like the Canon R6) pushes/forces currently Sony-invested owners higher up in the food chain, and first time buyers will still have a good entry level FF in this model, while Sony most likely are doing bigger gains per sold unit than ever before with this one.

That means, that in a shrinking camera market, Sony stands strong.

Take a good look around you, and see if the mobile shooters are getting less or more.

Most likely these mobile companies are like hungry pirayas nibbing at the legs of bleeding camera-companies floating in the water.

The Sony bean-counters (just like the Canon bean counters) knows exactly what they are doing, and you should not be to surpised if Canon and Sony are the last two camera companies standing in 10-15 years time.

Sometimes you have to think a little further that "bargains" or "best bang for buck".

In todays world, survival is about capital gains for the stock holders. Period.

So well played, Sony, Well played.

Sony a7
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