Lightroom Focus point plug-in -- has anyone used this

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Re: Lightroom Focus point plug-in -- has anyone used this

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

I'm always skeptical of plug-ins from independents and smaller developers but wanted to know if anyone has used this before.

I do a lot of focus bracketing for my landscapes and urbex, and this would save me time (versus using NX Studio to figure out the foucus point, and then going back to ACR/Lightroom to tag photos as such).

I'm surprised this function isn't built into LR/LRClassic some how.

People were using it successfully last I remember. Says it works with LR5 and higher. I tried it with LR6 but didn't really like it so never tried it with LR7 or higher. There was nothing wrong with it, I just didn't want or need another plug-in for that.  If I need to see a focus point/s I use Canon's DPP.

Give it a try.

Is this a common thing? Do others like DXO, C1, etc have a built in AF point/s option?

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