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Re: ON1 Photoraw 2022 plugin capability

Almazar80 wrote:

Thanks for your thoughts. I actually have Photoraw 2022 (free upgrade for me, since I have the Pro Plus subscription). I miss the plug in capability from this version, so I still have 2021.5 in my system. What I did buy recently is the updated version 2 of FastRawViewer and the update to ACDSee Photo Ultimate 2022. I like the DAM capability of that software and while I have not tried the AI face recognition, I am going to have to figure out how that works. DXO 5 looks promising. And I will renew my Topaz support for another year. I really like their AI Nose and AI Sharpen. I guess they haven't updated Studio for a while, nor have they updated Adjust. I hope they update Adjust soon.

A lot of good software out there. Lots of things to learn. Maybe if ON1 has a sale next year and included the plugins with Photoraw 2023 at a nominal price increase (say $20-$30 U.S., not $70) I'll upgrade to that. Still, no knock on ON1 - they have steadily improved their products over the years and kept them reasonably affordable. I just don't like the pricing that they are offering at the moment.

Yes, I have a ton of software. Not ACDSee as I don't think that works on Macs. Not well anyway. I have Denoise AI. I use that on almost every image. Even if an image does not have noise, I can use it to sharpen the image just a tad. Which is usually all I need. I used to use Topaz Detail a lot. It's a legacy plug-in at this point but still works. I tried Sharpen AI but found it flawed. They have probably improved it a good deal. Just don't find I need to sharpen my images much too often. I have Luminar 4 and pre-ordered Luminar Neo. In the meantime I am doing a free trial of Luminar AI. If I like it more than Neo, Luminar said I could switch. I won't keep both. They even extended the free trial for me until Neo is released. Good customer service. Currently, the software works as both a plug-in and as a standalone. I just upgraded to DxO Filmpack 6. I used 5 a lot especially for black and white conversions. Unlike Nik and On1, 6 did not keep my presets. . I have used Elements for the last ten years. One of the things I like about it is how fluidly it works with all these programs. Elements is stripped of a lot of Photoshop's features, but I can replace what is missing with the the plug-ins. Even if I use On1 for raw conversion and editing, I will look at the image in the ACR module in Elements and can touch it up there and in the editing platform with the help of the plug-ins. Especially Denoise AI.

Altogether, Nik Viveza, Nik Color Efex, and Topaz Denoise AI are my most used plug-ins. On1 Photo Raw and Elements split the raw processing and bulk of editing duties. Luminar lends a hand once in a while.

I started out with some of these plug-ins because they were intitally offered for free! Perfect Effects 8, DxO Filmpack 3, DxO Optics 8, Nik. I proceeded to buy the next editions. What a sucker!

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