Sony RX10 IV Photos Downloading Dark

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Re: Sony RX10 IV Photos Downloading Dark

leftylynn wrote:

So I tested my theory of it being the SD card and I believe that may be the culprit.

I'm sorry, but that's completely ridiculous. Memory cards all store the same image data.

Although I still don't understand how the photo can look good on the camera screen. Isn't the camera screen showing what's on the SD card?

The camera's screen does indeed show what's on the memory card - but the camera's screen doesn't have the same brightness, contrast, saturation, or gamma characteristics as your computer monitor, so don't expect that.

I took a photo with the new card, downloaded it to the computer. Put in the old card, took the same photo and downloaded it to the computer. The photo from the new card looks good on the camera screen and bad on the computer. The photo from the old card looks good on the computer screen and on the computer.

Whatever difference you see - or think you see - it is not due to different memory cards.

However, a mismatch between the apparent brightness of files displayed on the camera's screen compared to the same files displayed on a computer screen is nothing unusual. You just have to get used to it.

If you have a good monitor and you turn out the lights or close the blinds in your computer room, the difference might be minimal ... but it will almost certainly still be there. In this example, the screen of my RX100III incorrectly emphasizes the brightness of most areas of this wide dynamic range scene while the computer monitor shows them more accurately:

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