Lightweight travel kit, 2 lens 14-200, with stabilization

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Re: Lightweight travel kit, 2 lens 14-200, with stabilization

MFT offers, perhaps, the better stabilization and lesser weights.  "Fast" FF lenses are generally  heavier.  "Lightweight" might not make it as your highest "priority."

richarddd wrote:

Responding to the replies:

Current kit: Mainly I'd like more resolution and better low light performance. For low light I'd like a more modern sensor and better stabilization. Also faster lenses would help for some uses.

14mm equivalent is not essential - I could go up to 16mm.

Consider the possibility of stitching.

For the longer end, a frequent use is shooting narrow DOF subjects in dim light, e.g., somewhat distant statues or wall decoration in a cathedral. The 40-150 is slow and the E-M5 IBIS could be better. I have a hard time getting good results with the current kit.

That's the sort of uses that lead me to the 18-135  and 28-200mm. If you can't get  close,  there is no substitute for the longer focal lengths.

I prefer zooms to primes. I don't need the speed of primes and prefer the flexibility of zooms.

If stopping  down, a prime can be lighter.   But I'm definitely a zoom user.

The Oly 12-100 looks like a great lens, but it plus a new m43 body is essentially a new kit.

The NIkon Zs are a definite possibility. A Z FF body plus the 24-200 is about the same weight as an EM-1 plus 12-100, but with more light gathering ability and possibly a better future. The 14-30 would round out that kit. However, I'd prefer something lighter if possible.

I recently added an A7Riv, 17-28 and 28-200 in Sony and  Tamron  ff.   But in researching this, noted that the typical A7 and 28-200 is a pound or so heavier than the A6xxx and 18-135.  Likewise, the A7iii or A7C  and 28-200 combo was a lot more expensive  than the A6400 and 18-135.  That's  Sony.  There may be  similar sets in others.  Just that fast ff zooms are not likely the lightest choices or vice versa.  Nor do I think the Sony has the best stabilization but that was a trade-off  Iaccepted.

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