Just For Fun: Assumption about the “Z” mount name origins.

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Re: Sony was "A"

Boudewijn van der Drift wrote:

Edward_Thomas wrote:

So Nikon picked "Z"

(Which is pronounced "Zee." You don't say "Ped" for "P," right? )

That could be a language thing. When kids learn the alphabet, they are taught "Zee" in English, but "Zed" in others, including my own Dutch.

Nobody likes to be told the way they should pronounce letters when talking or thinking in their own language. So depending language, the "Zed" is adopted or ignored.

I think it's not so much being told how to pronounce it, it is more objecting to how it is spelled/represent in written/typed text.

I understand how many people pronounce the Z6 as Zee6 or Zed6, but when written as text it is officially the Z6.

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