Just For Fun: Assumption about the “Z” mount name origins.

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Re: Z vs Zee ve Zed

JohnNewman wrote:

Edward_Thomas wrote:

So Nikon picked "Z"

(Which is pronounced "Zee." You don't say "Ped" for "P," right? )

Or instead of being insular, you could consider most of the rest of the world may have an alternative view?

Or we could not spell the letters phonetically. The English alphabet is A, B, C, ... and not Aay, Bee, Sea, ...

Z is a letter that is represent by the symbol "Z" in the English alphabet. It is pronounced variously in parts of the world as Zee or Zed - but these are merely phonetic spellings.

As far as Nikon camera names, they are officially named/spelled as Z6ii or Z50 or Z9 etc - there are emphatically not officially named/spelled Zee6ii or Zee50 or Zed9 etc

I prefer that we write the way things are actually spelled and officially recognized rather than by a regional phonetic dialect.

See also https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/65579796

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